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The premier picture framers for south London, Bromley and north Kent. 2 & 6 Ranmore Path, Orpington, Kent BR5 2HP

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The Story of Fred the Ted

Fred the Ted was sad and dejected

In a box in the loft he lay neglected

With an inspired idea I knew where to go

To make Fred the Ted the star of the show

Dusting him down we went to Inspirations

For advice and help with Fred’s revitalisation

We chose a frame from a great selection

And left Fred under careful protection

Thank you Inspirations for answering my prayer

Fred looks loved now he's framed with care

He is once more the best teddy bear

Safe in a frame at the top of my stairs

Visitors love him and it is often remarked

That he is more than a toy, he’s an “objet d’art”

But when I am alone and he catches my eye

I smile as I think of times gone by

Of giggles and wiggles and childhood fun

Of bedtime stories and a loving son

Rediscover your keepsakes and elevate them to works of art.

Call or bring them along to Inspirations for some advice on their revitalisation!